Palos Verdes High School

Classes & Ensembles

Orchestra and Advanced Orchestra

  • Class meets ZERO PERIOD every morning.
  • Prerequisite: Admission by audition only
  • Meets Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement for UC and Cal State.

The PVHS Orchestra performs major 2 concerts a year- one in December and one in June. They also attend festivals and compete at an Orchestra Festival in the Spring, and perform at graduation in June.

Daily rehearsals focus on basic musicianship skills through memorization of scales and chorale study. Students will learn to play pieces from various- genres – Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc.,as they improve their technique, tone, and expression.

Concert Band and Marching Band

  • Both of these classes are offered concurrently during 2nd period.
  • No experience necessary. Open to all woodwinds, brass, and percussion.
  • Meets Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement for UC and Cal State.

Students who enroll in Marching Band will receive PE Credit.
Students who enroll in Concert Band will receive Arts Credit.

In the fall, all 2nd period students participate in Marching Band, perform at all Fall Football games and the Peninsula Holiday Parade. Includes Drumline and Cologuard as well.
Marching Band develops the musical and marching skills of students and prepares them for parades, field shows, the concert season, and other community/school functions.

In the spring, all students perform in the Concert Band. Concert Band competes at SCSBOA Festival and performs a spring concert.

Concert Band is designed for the advanced wind musician. Students will perform on a musical instrument a varied repertoire of instrumental literature, from intermediate-advanced to advanced levels of difficulty, with expression and technical accuracy.

Leadership opportunities.

Jazz Band 1 and 2

  • Both of these classes are offered concurrently during 4th period.
  • Prerequisite: Audition with instructor
  • Meets Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement for UC and Cal State.

For winds, guitars, drummers, pianists and bass players. Perform Big Band Jazz Standards in concert twice a year (December and May). Learn jazz theory and how to improvise on your instrument. Jam out of fake books with a Jazz Combo Travel to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival in 2023!

Jazz Band surveys the various styles of jazz through rehearsals, performances, field trips, clinicians, and jam sessions. Students rehearse and perform jazz of various styles (Blues, Afro-Cuban, Bop, Swing, Fusion, etc.).

All students are expected to own a Real Book for use during Jam Sessions and Jazz Theory Lessons.

Real Book

AP Music Theory

  • Currently meets 5th period.
  • Prerequisite: The ability to read music and some proficiency on a musical instrument.
  • Meets Visual and Performing Arts graduation requirement for UC and Cal State.

Learn how to analyze and compose music. Listen to and identify chords and intervals. Practice Sight-singing and Melodic Dictation. Work towards passing the College Board Music Theory Exam.

This course is the equivalent of a first-year college course in music theory and musicianship. It integrates the study of the fundamental building blocks of music and their practical application in musical performance and composition. Areas emphasized will include aural skills (dictation and sight-singing), musical analysis (harmony, melody, form, texture, etc.), and composition.

In addition to the PVHS provided textbook and workbook, all students will be expected to purchase the Barron Music Theory AP Book.

2023 Music Theory AP Exam: Friday, May 12th at 8am.


Barron's AP Music Theory

Additional Opportunities

  • Tri-M Music Honor Society
  • Honors Recital
  • Pit Orchestra for Spring Musical

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