Marching Band (Red Tide Regiment)

Red Tide Regiment will hold a Mini-Camp during the Spring semester. Prospective students will experience a day of Marching Band Camp. They should leave at the end of the day will a full understanding of what their commitment to the Red Tide Regiment means. Be prepared to march, play and work hard. You DO NOT need to prepare any audition music in advance. We will provide music and instruction for you on audition day. This year’s Mini-Camp will be held on Saturday, March 23rd at PVHS from 11-4 pm.

All potential Marching Band, Colorguard and Drumline members should be aware that this is a YEARLONG CLASS. You will march in the Fall and play in Wind Ensemble or Drumline in the Spring. Students are able to use this class to satisfy their PE or their fine arts requirements. The audition contains playing and marching portions. You may be asked to sightread. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes to your audition.

All potential Colorguard members can email Ms Parkinson ([email protected]) for information. Colorguard is a creative and artistic Dance and Flag team that accompanies and complements the marching band performances. PE credit is given for participation in Colorguard. Colorguard competes with the Marching Band in the fall and independently with the WGASC Winter Guard Circuit in the Spring.


Orchestra Woodwinds on Saturday, March 9th from 9-10 am
Orchestra Brass on Saturday, March 9th from 10-10:30 am
Orchestra Percussion on Saturday, March 9th from 10:30-11 am.
Note: Pianists should try out at the PERCUSSION time.
Percussionists should prepare the Timpani excerpt and be prepared to sightread on snare drum.

Orchestra Strings
* Violins on Saturday, March 9th from 11 am-1 pm
* Violas, Cellos and Basses on Saturday, March 9th from 1-2 pm.
All potential Orchestra students should prepare the supplied excerpt. In addition, you should bring in a 1-2 minute excerpt that you select yourself. Please choose a solo piece that you can play well. You may be asked to sightread.

Jazz Band

Jazz Brass and Saxophones on Friday, March 8th from 4-5 pm
Jazz Rhythm Section on Friday, March 8th from 5:30-6:30 pm
All potential jazz students will be given an excerpt to prepare. In addition to the prepared excerpt, you may choose to prepare an improvisation. Simply bring your own backing track. You may be asked to sightread as well.

Need Audition Music?
It is all posted on the PVHS Music Department website under the “Auditions” tab.
Visit our PHVS Music Department website:

PVHS Music Department

Auditions will be held in the PVHS Music Room (Room 321).

Need to schedule an audition time?
Contact Shellie Parkinson at 378-8471 ex. 43621 or via email at [email protected] or [email protected].